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NamePot SizeCost
Fuchsia Hardy
Hawkshead1 Litre5
Garden News1 Litre5
Delta Sarah1 Litre5
Star Wars1 Litre5
Microphylla1 Litre5
Eric's Hardy1 Litre5
Tennessee Waltz1 Litre5
Falklands1 Litre5
Hatsbachii1 Litre5
Climbing Fuchsia
Lady in Black1 Litre5
Pink Fizz1 Litre5
Lady Boothby1 Litre6.5
Fuchsia Procumbens1 Litre5
Non Hardy Fuchsia
Roger de Cooker1 Litre6
Arborescens1 Litre6
Silver lining1 Litre6
Cape Cornwall1 Litre6
Sweet Sarah1 Litre6
Argyranthemum Daisy White2.5
Bacopa - Trailing White1
Brachycome Trailing White1
Heletrope Marine Blue2.5
Lobelia Trailing Blue1
English Bluebells9cm3.5
Climber Campsis Chenensis1 Litre5
Rudbeckia Green Wizard2 Litre7.5
Phlox David2 Litre6
Geum Pink Petticoats1 Litre5
Geum Borsii1 Litre5
Geum Lady Strathern1 Litre5
Erynigium Blue Hobbit1 Litre6.5
Erynigium Planum1 Litre6.5
Hordeum Jubatum1 Litre5
Calamagrotis Karl Foerster2 Litre6.5
Lobelia Queen Victoria2 Litre6.5
Crocosmia Lucifer2 Litre5
Lychnis Alba1.5 Litre6
Salvia Microphylla1 Litre5
Aquilegia Cottage Gardens Mix2 Litre6
(Just coming into flower)
Anthriscus Ravenswing1 Litre5
Arisacus Proboscidrum Mouse Plant9cm5